The Missing Hope Inside Obama’s Foreign Policy

posted by on January 26, 2009
in Economics, Politics

The false hope in Obama is already giving way to the reality of his policies and actions.  Already Obama has ordered the bombings in Pakistan, killing many civilians.  Is this the change many hoped for?  Or perhaps the change most people are waiting for is the reduction (not complete withdrawal) of troops in Iraq.  Or the coming addition of 20,000 – 30,000 new troops into Afghanistan.  Or perhaps you are excited about the coming change in Obamas plan for our military:  more defense spending and expanding our military by nearly 100,000 Army & Marines. Perhaps, Obama’s hawkish cabinet and appointment of Bush’s secretary of Defense is your hope for change.

To me hope for change in light of these policies, seems asinine, or at least to be rather cleverly deceived.  It looks to me as though Obama will continue the foreign policy of Bush, but perhaps few will realize it.  We can only hope that our violent and unjust foreign policy will come to an end, be it by the education of our people and the electoral process or through the financial destruction brought upon ourselves by continuous empire building and war.

As for me,  I’ll leave my hope out of the Obama presidency.  I hope he and his new administration surprises me, but I refuse to be so blindly following a president that it takes 7-8 years to realize that he is not working for the people.

“Let there not be blind faith in government, or let tyranny and injustice rule.”

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