Book Review: How to Break Up With Your Phone

023rd May 2018Uncategorized

This book was informative, enjoyable and life changing. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has a smart phone, which is just about all of us. The first section of the book focused on how our phones are damaging our health. This was very informative and eye opening and gave me the motivation and desire to change how I used my phone so that I could improve my life.

The second section of the book is focused on how you can change your phone use. It is very practical and useful. After installing a tracking app on my phone and reviewing the data several days later, I realized I was using my phone much more than I thought. The section that most impacted to me was turning off all my notifications. I had been partially doing this one app at a time, but going into my phone and turning them all off at once was extremely helpful! I also removed all my social media apps and it is working out well so far.

If you have a smart phone I would highly recommend reading this book. It will help you become more focused, less anxious, have more time to do the things you love and get more satisfaction out of life. This is a book I will revisit from time to time.

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